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Advertising on Facebook

The most popular social network worldwide, Facebook, offers extraordinary variety of advertising formats, conforming to the latest trends in the online sphere. The broad spectrum of advertising formats provides flexibility and capability of building creative content, completely conforming to the interests of those attractive by the respective business.

Clicks to Website Ads

This ad format is suitable for any type of advertisement - products, catering and other facilities, special offers and promotions, articles, etc. One of its advantages is that the ad leads simultaneously to the web page of the particular business, by the use of Call to Action button, and a specific web page on the website. For users who are not fans of the page, a button ‘Like Page’’ appears which makes the advertisement efficient in every aspect.

This ad format is suitable for all kinds of ads – of products, establishments, special offers and promotions, articles, etc. One of its biggest advantages is that it leads to both business page through button "Call to Action" . For users who are not fans of the page a button is shown "Like Page", which makes the ad effective in every aspect.
Here is what the ad looks like on desktop computers:

As we have already mentioned, the ad is also visible for mobile devices:

Multiproduct Ad (Carousel Ad)

This type of advertising has deservedly become a real hit among ad-makers! Possessing the same functions as the standard ad Clicks to Website, the multi product format enables advertising up to 5 products simultaneously and in some cases the price of a click is even lower than that of a standard ad. If you are an online retailer or you think that the advantages of your brand deserve to be well displayed, then there is no more appropriate a format than this one.

The ad works with a side scroll or touch swiping (for mobile applications) which, by use of sufficient creativity, could be utilized in many interesting ways :)

Page Post Promotion

Creating unique and interesting content is great, in case there is someone to see it! As Facebook introduced a new rule for showing posts in the news feed, currently only 2-3 percent of all page fans see the publications if they are not ‘sponsored’. This is why promotion of publications is inevitable if you want to overcome the competition in the social network.

Desktop Newsfeed

Right Column


Page Likes Ad

No matter how гоод you maintain your Facebook page, it makes difference if you have 15 fans or 1500. When you have more fans, in addition to the fact that your publications reach more people, numbers are something to which users give great importance and the number of fans of your Facebook page ca raise their trust in your brand. This is why we use the Page Like ads - we introduce the users to our brand and invite them to join the company of our fans.


Right Column

Mobile Newsfeed

Video Ad

Video advertising is one of the most successful in social networks because it easily attracts the attention of users and reaches a large number of people. It is important to note that the price of viewing reaches less than one Bulgarian cent, which is not seen in any other format. Video advertising has broad targeting and possibility for Call-to-Action at the end of each clip.

Offer Claims
This is a more specific format which offers the opportunity of leading traffic to physical stores or simply drawing users’ attention and, most important, collecting email addresses. This is done through automatic sending a link to the product of a particular promotion. The user receives the link in his email after clicking the button ‘Get Offer’ on the ad. To lead people to the physical business, a special promo code is used, which users should show in the store, restaurant or business.

Event Responses
Ad format suitable for attracting people to join an event. There is no easy way to distribute your event and your audience is most likely located directly in Facebook.

Local Awareness
You want to bring people directly to the location of your business? Just select a circle around the location and Facebook will show the ad, giving directions from the place of the user to the location of your business.

Lead Ads
It is a widely known fact that the majority of Facebook and generally Internet users enter the web and social networks through their mobile devices. Our experience gives us grounds to say that the users who generate the largest number of clicks on ads in Facebook enter the web from mobile devices and for some of the ads the mobile traffic reaches 90%!
As seen from the advertisement title, its goal is to collect leads. Another greatly valuable feature of this format is that it attracts the attention of the public. What do you need to create an efficient advertising campaign? Simply create a ‘magnet’. The things to which the public reacts most positively are articles, free electronic books, interesting reviews of products, etc. After you have collected a database with users’ emails, you can easily maintain your connection to them by sending newsletters or using their mail for targeting of other ads in Facebook. Here is how these ads look like:

App Installs – applications from Google Play & Apple App
This is an ad format suitable for applications and games by which you can easily attract users to your application or game. It features a banner and Call to Action button "Play now" or "Install App".

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