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Building landing pages

You can have the best ads in the world, but if your website is not good in converting visitors into clients, your chances for getting good sales will diminish straight away.
On the other hand, completely changing your website is not always an option, especially when you are pressed by budgets, deadlines and of course – corporate guidelines.

We have a solution for this problem.

During the last year, landing pages have been an increasingly popular tool that allows to optimize campaigns in Google AdWords and other advertisement networks. Whole industries, such as quick credits, have transformed and now work solely with landing pages. The reason for this is that with a well-planned and built landing page you can get a much better return on investment than from your website. In your landing page you can convince the client that your service or product is the right one for them. Usually, landing pages consist of only one page with two very specific aims:
  • Main aim – it brings the most value for your business (order, registration, question);
  • Sub aim – more important for you than for the client (social network engagement, signing up for a newsletter, sharing).
Our team can help you set up an attractive landing page that will make your AdWords campaign more efficient. We have the expertise to choose the right elements for your landing page that will achieve the following:
  • Explain exactly what it is that you offer. The user is convinced that they will find what they are looking for in this place.
  • Convince the user that your product or service is the best on the market.
  • Create a feeling of urgency – they have to act now!
  • Offer appropriate actions that will solve their problems today, with just one click.

The process of creating and optimizing landing pages:

1. Business goals – before we begin our work on the landing page, we have to know what our client’s business goals are.
2. Wireframe – on the basis of our preliminary task, we create a ‘mockup’ of the page.
3. Design and Programming – after our client approves the landing page, our team designs and programs it.
4. Analysis – creating a successful landing page is an ongoing process. We gather data on what works and what does not work, using software such as Google Analytics, Clicktale, Crazyegg, MouseFlow.
5. Optimization – one of the most important things is to constantly optimize your landing pages. This is the only way for you to receive good return on investment in the long term. For this we use Google Website Optimizer, GoogleAnalytics Content Experiment and Unbounce.

Examples of landing pages made by the Advertise team you can find in our portfolio here.
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