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Channable AdWords Manager

Channable AdWords Manager

In Advertise we use the software Channable AdWords manager which is especially suitable for large e-commerce stores. This software provides to Google AdWords full automation of advertisements for each product on the site. It allows us to automatically trace availability and prices of various products and, based on the information from your site, we are automatically managing your messages in AdWords.

Some of the exclusive advantages of AdWords manager are:
  • Autonomously creating ads
  • Generate campaigns, ad groups and ads based on fields that represent specific categories
  • Specifically target individual product search with long tail product ad groups 
  • Control of the advertising and key words shown in Google AdWords based on your product range;
  • Imaging of advertisements in Google at current prices, availability and information about promotions/discounts;
  • Updating of your product advertisements in real time upon reception of new commodities or removal of a product from the site;
  • Real time updating of product prices in the advertising messages whenever there is a change of price of a product in your online store;
  • Saving time for manual processing of advertising messages and key words in Google AdWords;
  • Reduction of useless costs for clicks and advertisements for products which are not available or which you no longer offer in your online store.

Creation of campaigns, ad groups, ads

Thanks to the unique advantages of AdWords manager you will be ahead of the competition because:
  • You will have personalized advertisement for each product in your online store;
  • You will show always up-to-date for the offered goods, their price, availability, etc.;
  • You will save time and unnecessary costs.
How does AdWords manager work:
  • You will send product XML feed to us;
  • We shall connect your product feed to our software;
  • The software will analyze the alterations in the product list (prices, availability, promotions, new addresses);
  • Based on this analysis, the software will make the necessary changes in the advertising messages, key words and advertisement groups;
  • In result, your advertisements and key words are always abreast with the current market trends.

Automated “Long Tail ” ads

How to start advertising your online store with Channable  AdWords manager?
Contact us on phone number +359 700 100 86 and we will give you further information about Channable AdWords manager and advice for developing your product feed.

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