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Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO means using Analytics and your user feedback in order to increase the efficiency of your website or landing page. Unlike UX, CRO usually aims at increasing efficiency in terms of conversion. Conversion in online marketing is a user action that is of some business value. This could be a purchase, a request, signing up for a newsletter, downloading a brochure etc. To put it simply – CRO counts on analysis and user statistics to give you hypothetical information on what you should change on your website or landing page so that you convert more users.
Examples of possible hypotheses that can be put to a multinarrative test
  • The question form should be placed in the visible portion of the screen with a strong CTA in the heading and information that will guide the user to what is about to happen after they fill it in.
  • Using testimonials would increase user trust and would therefore positively impact the conversion rate of the landing page
  • Using a stronger CTA in the button of the form and the ad banner would increase the conversion rate of the landing pageAfter our team nails down the viable hypotheses, our designers and programmers will create corrected version of the page.
For A/B tests we usually use tools such as Unbounce and Google Analytics Content Experiments. These experiments divide the advertisement traffic equally between the original and the new version of the page, precisely calculating which version would achieve a higher conversion rate in the long term.

CRO is an ongoing process that gives your business the following advantages:
  • Higher conversion rate and therefore higher return on investment
  • Lower advertisement expense for a higher amount of converted traffic
  • Decrease the level of negative customer journeys
  • Makes your website easier to use

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