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AdWise - Netinfo
AdWise is a relatively new advertising software in Bulgaria. This advertising allows you to advertise your business in the media group of Net Info.
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Httpool is one of the biggest advertising networks in Central and Eastern Europe. Created in 2007, this media has shown increasing interest in developing markets which has helped it pull many clients and media in the Bulgarian market.
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EasyAds is an interactive, web-based platform for online advertisement management developed by the specialized digital agency EasyOnline JSCo. Over 1 billion serviced impressions a month and over 95% of coverage make it the largest ad service on the Bulgarian online market.
AdPower - Investor
AdPower’s strengths: daily optimization of your budget; serve ads to the target group you want; edit your ad message any time; advertise using keywords that describe your business; pay per click;  real time statistics; get professional help from experts at any time.
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eTarget is one of the largest online ad networks in Bulgaria. You can show your ads on over 700 pages and the payment system is pay per click, which means that you are charged only when a client clicks your ad and visits your website.
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