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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way of disseminating your advertising content via email. It is meant to ensure permanent contact with the client, which would provide long-term profit for both parties. Emails could be in various formats depending of the end-goal of the campaign, including advertising brochures, promotions, latest offers, bulletins or news. The messages are sent to databases, called ‘mailing lists’ in email marketing.
No matter whether you are going to use your own or purchased databases, the experienced team of Advertise BG will assist you in planning and implementation of your email marketing campaign, so that we achieve maximum return of the investment.

We offer:
  • Advertise MM - professional software for email marketing created in the United Kingdom. It enables you to manage every aspect of your email marketing campaign - from creation of a list with email addresses and a personalized ‘newsletter’ to sending and measuring the efficiency and automation of the process by ‘auto responders’. Learn more about Advertise MM here.
  • Building databases for direct and email marketing - constructing a good mailing list is among the most difficult tasks for every business, yet it is the most important as it will be a determining factor for your campaign’s success. Advertise offers creation of business databases which contain company name, ZIP code, address, telephone, fax, mobile telephone, email, web address, contacts person, position and business category.
  • Creation of customized email templates - everybody knows that the way you present your business at the first contact with the client is of exceptional importance. It is essential to give good impression to your clients and raise their curiosity. Creating a personalized HTML template has exactly this goal - to make your email messages more noticeable and interactive, thus helping you to increase the efficiency of your campaign. Learn more here.
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