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Facebook Audit

Free Of Charge Expert Analysis Of Your Campaigns

The service of Advertise is the perfect solution for clients who already advertise in Facebook or maintain a profile in Facebook or other social networks. Have you ever asked yourself whether your advertisements could be more efficient and accessible? Or how your web page could be more interesting and varied? If your answer is ‘Yes”, then you have hit the right place!

With our assistance, you can get expert assessment of the condition of your profile in the social media completely free of charge. The audit is done by a certified Hootsuite expert of Advertise BG, who will analyze all parameters of your campaign. Please see a small part of the parameters of your campaign which we shall analyze in the audit:
Campaign structure: is your profile structured adequately (so that you get god quality rating and respectively a lower price per click for better positions);
Direction of the campaign - are there any additional key words which could bring you more sales and queries and do you need to use negative words to achieve higher quality traffic;
Assessment of the advertisement messages - can your ad messages make your business different from the competition and thus increase return on investment; Support of social profile - do you use the maximum of social platforms capabilities and do you attract the public in a manner which would gain their trust, so that you would make it part of the client community;
Statistics assessment - what are the options offered by Google, Facebook and Advertise for assessment of the statistics and do you use the maximum capabilities of social platforms and do you use them in your campaign for improving your efficiency and getting more profit.
We are considering these and many other campaign elements to give you an overall picture of how you can achieve more through sponsored advertising in social networks. The performance of audit takes only forty eight hours and, in addition, you will receive our proposal for support and optimization.

How Do You Use The Audit?

To use our audit, you do not need to give us your user name and password. In order to start our work, we need access to your Facebook Ad Account and to the respective social profile.
When you send us access permit, you will receive our receipt confirmation. You can terminate the access after completion of the audit.
For stating your interest in audits, do not hesitate to contact us on tel. + 359 700 100 86 or

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