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Google Analytics

Have you ever heard the saying “In God we trust! All others bring data”? It has never been more applicable than now!
In a world where online advertising costs are constantly going up and the competition sets higher and higher targets, statistics reigns undisputedly. Whatever your online marketing decision might be – it is highly unlikely to succeed without good statistics behind it.
Being experienced and results-oriented digital agency, we at Advertise believe that informed decisions that lead to excellent return on investment can only be made on the grounds of detailed and thorough statistics.
In order to help our business partners in this regard, we offer integrating Google Analytics in their business.

The offer includes:
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics Universal
  • Google AdWords Conversion Tracking (optional)
  • Google AdWords Remarketing (optional)
  • Display Features for Google UA
  • Google Analytics eCommerce
  • Selection of appropriate website events
  • Creating events
  • Selecting appropriate website goals
  • Creating the goals in Google Analytics
  • Selecting appropriate website conversion funnels
  • Setting up the funnels
  • Setting site search functionFilters
  • Selecting and setting profile filters
  • Creating various view modesReports
  • Creating personalized reports (eCommerce, Engagement, Device usage, Traffic sources etc.)
  • Submitting reports for user profile installation
  • Automatization of reports (optional)Additional tools
Additional materials
  • Live demonstration and instructions for importing Cost Data. This will allow you to import information on the cost of various AdWords advertising channels directly into Analytics. This way you will have the cost of each channel.
  • Instructions on the automatic import of bounce orders in Google Analytics and their removal from the eCommerce statistics.
  • A tag guide for external advertisement campaigns different from Google AdWords. This will show you how to tag all URLs so that you end up with a clear, easy to use Google Analytics statistics.

In addition to installing Google Analytics we offer a training course. Find out more information about the course here.
вземи безплатен одит на google Adwords и социални медии на стойност 299 лв.
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