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Google Video Ads

Engage your customers with video content

Engaging video content that captures your users’ attention
The highly anticipated advertisement platform is now available for the Bulgarian market in the following formats:

Click and show – this is a standard video advertisement format on the Google display network. Users see a screen and a play button. The advertiser is charged every time a user clicks the play button.
Stream advertising – also known as pre-roll, this is one of the most famous formats. Stream advertising allows viewers who don’t want to see advertisements, to skip the ad only after seeing 5 seconds of it. After the ad, the main video begins.

Display advertising – shown on the right side of the videos that users view.

YouTube Search ads – in this format, the user sees an ad in their current YouTube search as text and thumbnail. If clicked, the ad opens in its respective video channel.

This format makes use of the cost-per-view (CPV) charging system. There are also a number of targeting options in place. Users can be filtered not only by the common display network targeting methods, but also by sex, age and YouTube video channels.
We use this tool to expand our clients’ TV campaigns reach on the Internet. It has to be noted that YouTube does not provide the entire spectrum of advertisement options for Bulgaria.

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