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Mobile Ads


If you want to be everywhere with your client, get into his/her pocket. You will always be in the right place with the Google AdWords application for mobile devices - tablets or mobile phones. According to statistics, we look at our mobile phone 156 times a day. Another interesting fact is that in some of the well-developed markets searches from mobile devices are more than those from PCs. Now the issue is not whether your ad can be mobile, but how to do it in the fastest way. Advertise has a solution. Our team can help you to build a highly efficient mobile advertising campaign and to create the appropriate mobile lending page to meet the traffic.

AdWords enables you to target mobile devices not only through the search network, but also to approach mobile clients through the display advertisement network (showing your ad to users through various free software and applications). To ensure maximum coverage for you, AdMob includes the applications in Android Market and those for users of iTunes. Companies which are using this format enjoy very low prices /within the range from 0.01 to 0.03 BGN/ and excellent return of the investment. Advertising in mobile applications gives you detailed statistics about each visit. In this advertising format, the client can choose whether to click on the ad or make a direct call.

вземи безплатен одит на google Adwords и социални медии на стойност 299 лв.
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