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Google AdWords Search Network

Google Ad Words Search Network enables you to show your ads in the search results in and other partner Search engines only to users who are interested in your products/services. This advertising format uses short message texts. Our experienced team performs detailed research for key words in order to show you in the search results. Thus we successfully pin the most appropriate queries from potential clients for your products and services. Then one of our experts will write an attractive advertising text which would not only grab the client’s attention, but also provide relevant information, observing in the same time the respective requirements of Google.

This advertising format offers free of charge impressions. You pay only when an interested client clicks on your advertisement and visits your site. This is used most often by companies looking for 'direct response’ to their advertising campaigns. Due to the highly targeted traffic they are getting, they enjoy excellent return of investments (more queries, sales and calls).


You want to reach the general consumer? In this case the search network will not be enough. It is time to become familiar with the display network of Google AdWords. With its 92% coverage of Bulgaria’s online audience, this advertising network enables you to expand your market standing and reach many new important clients and partners. Advertising with banners in the display is preferred by companies because, here also, payments are due only upon a click - the impressions are free, which allows your brand to reach the vast number of visitors who are precisely targeted (people of whom we know that have interest in your products/services). That is why advertising in the display network can be used for ‘direct response’ and for branding and promulgation of companies, products and services.

вземи безплатен одит на google Adwords и социални медии на стойност 299 лв.
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