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Remarketing is currently among the most popular advertising redirection methods. With remarketing we install a special code for your site, which sends a biscuit to visitors of the site. Thus, communication with users does not end immediately upon exiting the site and you can continue it by showing your advertisement banners to the same user anywhere in the Google advertisements network. In case you find banners of a company in any sites visited by you, most probably you have a biscuit installed and you are object of a marketing campaign. The team of Advertise BG uses this advertising format for the purpose of helping you in gaining more users, whom you have failed persuading to buy the product of service at their first visit. A variant of standard remarketing are the retargeting campaigns which seek consumers at the level of a particular product. The banners visualized to consumers are dynamic for several products which have been interesting for the client, with respective photos, current prices and CTA.
вземи безплатен одит на google Adwords и социални медии на стойност 299 лв.
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