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Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular topics in marketing today. This is due to the explosive growth of such platforms in the recent years. For example, the global leader in social networks - Facebook has over 33 million registered users only in the United Kingdom, of which 20 million visit the site daily and there are 4 billion monthly visits. Similar are the statistics for other networks like Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger, Wordpress and YouTube. This no doubt caused many business owners to reflect on how they could take advantage of the newfound opportunity. The answer is - by creating a Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy for your business. What is a SMM strategy? - This is the process of creating and publishing unique content through various social media, which aims to establish an ongoing dialogue with the potential customers and build long-term and profitable relationships. SMM is marketing through social media and networks.
Advertise has a designated team of specialists who could help with the construction and maintenance of the campaign focused on achieving an excellent return on investment. A well planned strategy with a strong set of objectives and goals can guarantee line benefits to your business: 
  • SSM does not require a big investment;
  • Build lasting relationships with customers;
  • Increase traffic to your website;
  • Create a dialogue with the end user;
  • Receive feedback on the products and / or services by the user;
  • Helps improve the position of your website in search engines;
  • Increases awareness of the products and the brand (branding);
  • Increases the number of customer recommendations;
  • Enables profiling of people from the company;
  • Viral Marketing;
  • Increase in sales.
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