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Trainings we offer

The online marketing is a dynamic, constantly growing and developing area. We receive hundreds of notifications for new networks, beta products and tools on a daily basis. This can be frustrating and exhausting for marketing experts.
Being the experts that we are, we are always up to date with the newest technologies and best practices for the thousands of campaigns that we bring to life. All our trainings not only show you the ropes, but also demonstrate real life tested best practices that you can apply to your campaigns.
We do not like to waste our clients’ time and we only tell them information that they and their businesses need. Normally, we use Google Partners for our trainings for clients, external companies and other agencies. We offer individual and group sessions, and we also have events with guest lecturers throughout the year. 
Google AdWords Fundamentals Training 221 Kb (pdf) download
Google AdWords Display Mobile Video Training 311 Kb (pdf) download
Google Analytics Training 219 Kb (pdf) download
Search Engine Optimisation Training 212 Kb (pdf) download
Social Media Marketing Training 81 Kb (pdf) download

вземи безплатен одит на google Adwords и социални медии на стойност 299 лв.
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