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Web design and Programming

As a marketing oriented company that deals with web design and programming, one of our main goals when working on a website is for it to deliver excellent return on investment for the client.
We often see websites that look great but in terms of usability and leads generation they fail to live up to the expectations. This is why our team always focuses heavily on:

Design – your site’s looks is what the users will see in the first place. A good design will inspire confidence and will leave the user with the feeling that this is a serious company that provides quality services. With our design, we deliver the client visual comfort and confidence in the brand we advertise.

Usability – we always put users first. The websites we build are easy to use and users need only a few clicks to find what they need. They have the necessary tools that will help them make transactions.

Conversion – the most important quality of a good website is without a doubt the conversion of visitors into paying users. Our experienced team uses some of the most popular optimization methods – Kaizen Method and L.I.F.T., provided by one of the leaders in the segment – Wider Funnel. Our deep understanding of Google Analytics and other statistics software allows us to reach higher level of conversion through optimization of the web or landing page. This is a long term process and it is based on surveying and statistics analysis.

Support – often we meet clients who have excellent looking websites with a decent conversion rate. What they find difficult is website support – uploading products and/or information is sometimes hard to do even if there is a content management system in place. Our system allows the administrator to make any changes necessary without the need for any support from us. Also, every time we build a dynamic website for you, we also organize a special training session where you are familiarized with the website and you receive a guide.

Statistics – we need to make informed decisions for the optimization of your web page, and that is why we heavily rely on statistics software such as Google Analytics, Google Conversion Tracking, MouseFlow, Click Tale, Get Clicky etc. All our products come with properly set up Google Analytics.
Static websites are great for a short presentation of your company, products or services. These websites do not need regular updates and when they do – it’s the designers and developers who take care of it. In dynamic websites, the client can manage their website’s content and there is also the option of adding new pages, texts, pictures and video. Furthermore, Advertise has plenty of experience in developing online stores with integrated online payment systems.
We can help you win your clients’ trust by creating a unique, professional and easy to use webpage. All our websites are created and work, following one simple principle – convert the maximum amount of visitors into clients.
If you want your business to be successful from the get go, contact us on + 359 700 100 86 or at

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